First one to pass was the returning empty cement train that went to Cornwall yesterday. Colas Freight 70812 on it’s way to Westbury before the empty wagons will be sent on to Aberthaw in South Wales for refilling with cement powder.

Looks like the graffiti artists have been making a nuisance of themselves again with a boring effort that Banksy would turn his nose up at.

Because the sun in the afternoon shines straight along the line at Dawlish making photography difficult I went along the coast to Cockwood harbour to record the Thursday clay train which this week was being hauled by the first of the class DB Cargo 66001 sporting the same red livery as their fleet in Europe are painted. Unfortunately as so often happens the harbour was only just beginning to fill with the oncoming tide so most of the boats were still resting in the mud! The greenery over the water visible in front of the loco is the spit at the end of Dawlish Warren Nature reserve which is very popular with birders.

The sun was also making things difficult for Nick at Teignmouth station as 66001 powered through, the driver no doubt pleased he had been allowed to run in front of the local stopper. He will be able to get away nearly an hour early travelling light engine to return to St. Blazey to collect the other half of the clay wagons, which will add to the ones it brought down this afternoon to Exeter and then head off for Staffordshire with the full complement of 20 wagons weighing around 2000 tons


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