Today unlike on the previous two Torbay Expresses all went to plan and Tornado was in sole charge as the motive power. The down run passed along the sea wall on time and the return, although 12 minutes late starting from Paignton, showed how expresses are meant to be seen as it thundered through Teignmouth and Dawlish stations at what must have been close to the maximum allowed for the line speed.

Rounding the curve between Sprey point and the end of the sea wall at Teignmouth.


The returning express rushing through Teignmouth station


And finally at Dawlish station.

The video below is a compilation of my own videos and those of Nick at Teignmouth with the excellent footage from the Dawlish Beach San Remo and Blenheim cameras. Apologies for the high pitched squeaks as Tornado passed the camera at Teignmouth station. I think the closeness of the whistle was beyond the capabilities of the Samsung phone!

The next two Sundays will hopefully bring LMS 46100 Royal Scot hauling The Royal Duchy express from Bristol` which are due through Dawlish at 11.49am and returning from Par at 8.02pm.