There was an overnight line closure on the Plymouth line last night whilst rail replacement was taking place West of Newton Abbot around the Dainton Tunnel area. Interestingly the rail train passed through Dawlish working wrong line at 10.41pm on Saturday night. It was the first train to work back from that direction this morning passing Dawlish at 8.38am with lengths of the rail that had been replaced. The video first shows the train passing through Teignmouth station and then footage from the dawlishbeach Blenheim camera. The sharp eyed amongst you will spot local photographer Dave instantly recognisable by his flat hat and gabardine mac mounting his stepladder to obtain the best viewpoint along the Kings Walk! The photograph below shows the powered operating cabin for the unloading and loading of the lengths of continuously welded rail which are normally 216 metres in length – virtually the length of this train.

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