I have been running some tests using anti Adblocker software.

As we have lots of local businesses that sponsor and support us, we are trying to find a way so that non-subscribers are forced to watch the ads to view the free cameras.

As a result of the past 24 hours, I will be splitting the site in to two sites so that subscribers can enjoy the ad free service they expect and infrequent users are forced to watch a 30 second ad to watch the cameras. The anti AdBlocker service will run on this new site with the free cams.

I don’t want subscribers upset that people with adblockers are also watching the site ad free when it’s the subscribers that have funded Dawlish Beach to where it is now.

The additional revenue from advertising will allow us to purchase more cameras and expand but don’t worry, Dawlish Beach will never be like a news website with pop ups and annoying images covering the page. We just want to help other local and relevant businesses take advantage of our huge social reach.

Thanks for understanding.