Freightliner 66957 has been continuing with its daily training run out and back to Exeter via firstly Taunton and then Par or Liskeard with a set of Rail Head Treatment Train wagons. Also today Colas 70813 with the discharged cement tanks and DB Cargo red livery 66185 with the first portion of the weekly clay train.

I have recently purchased a Panasonic TZ90 digital compact camera and have been pleased with the first results. It certainly makes life easier when you don’t need to carry a weighty telephoto lens about when you can capture the photo below with ease not even on full zoom standing on the Rockstone bridge and picking out the railman in the centre of Dawlish station platform!

The photo below was taken on my old Panasonic TZ12 but the video of the cement train was on the new camera. Nick also braved the blustery wind to send the clip of the clay train emerging under Shaldon Bridge at Teignmouth, the remainder being from the Blenheim camera.