ER Class A4 60009 Union of South Africa

Colin and Nick Campbell would like to wish all on Dawlish beach a very Merry Christmas and of course a prosperous and happy New Year. We hope those of you who are interested in the railway information that we put on the website appreciate our efforts and we look forward to keeping you informed on what is happening on the railway scene throughout 2018 for your benefit. We are happy to photograph and record video of both the tin cans and kettles  as diesel and steam trains are affectionately called by railway fans! Let us hope that the problems with industrial disputes, as with Cross Country trains currently, are resolved quickly. The main points of interest in the near future are the introduction of the new IET Hitachi Class 800 trains replacing the faithful Class 43 HST’s for services to Paddington and the introduction of four coach HST’s appearing on the longer distance local GWR services. The steam train season seems a long way away as the Great Britain tour in April is missing out Devon and Cornwall this year so it looks like we will have to wait until June for the first steam special. Below is the list of Steam specials that have been programmed to run along the Dawlish sea wall at the present time. I would stress that they are not guaranteed and depending on several factors may or may not be fulfilled. Lack of loco availability, low bookings or track engineering problems can all affect them.

Date                              Express name                                                                    Loco allocated.

3rd June                       Torbay Express                                                                  35028 Clan Line

9th June                        Dartmouth Express                                                           60009 Union of South Africa

10th June                      Cathedrals Express                                                          To be Announced

17th June                      Torbay Express                                                                  35028 Clan Line

24th June                       English Riviera Express  Loco one of                                34046 Braunton

46100 Royal Scot

70000 Britannia

1st July                           English Riviera Express                                                   One of as above

15th July                        Torbay Express                                                                 35028 Clan Line

22nd July                        Royal Duchy                                                                    34046 or 46100

29th July                         Torbay Express                                                                 60009 or TBA

5th August                       Royal Duchy                                                                      34046 or 46100

19th August                     Torbay Express                                                                   TBA

2nd Sept                           Torbay Express                                                                  60009

2nd Sept                           Royal Duchy                                                                      34046 or 46100

16th Sept                          Torbay Express                                                                  60009

16th September                Royal Duchy                                                                       34046 or 46100

21/23 September              Golden Eagle Luxury Tour                                                  60163 Tornado and 6024 King Edward 1 (double header)

Let us all hope for a super summer and plenty of punters to fill the trains! Pictures below are of the other five locomotives we are expecting to see.



BR Standard 70000 Britannia


SR Rebuilt West Country class 34046 Braunton


LMS 46100 Royal Scot


WR King Class 6024 King Edward 1


SR Merchant Navy class Clan Line.