Who wants a garden gnome when you can have a Flying Scotsman in your garden? In Teignmouth there is a business called Garstone with an extensive selection of stone garden ornaments ranging from gargoyles and fairies to classical statues but I chose the railway engine! The engine and tender are separate items, the tender is just liftable but the engine really needs two to carry, it is that heavy. Together they are some four feet six inches in length. It is supplied unpainted and the only items to fasten on yourself are the four buffers.The painting took a little time but the result well worth it. Perhaps for all Great Western fans if you ask they will consider making a King or Castle. The drive motion would certainly be easier!

These are sold by Garstone Garden Ornaments of Teignmouth. This model of Flying Scotsman sells at £95 Telephone 01626775925 for more information.