The Gresley streamlined A4 No.60009 Union of South Africa has now been repaired and is rostered for four Torbay Express steam specials . The first is on Sunday July 15th and the others are July 29th, August 19th and September 2nd. The engine is of the same class as Mallard which still holds the world speed record of a steam locomotive, 126 mph which it achieved on 3rd July 1938. the 80th anniversary tomorrow!

Of other interest for rail fans is the arrival for the summer season on the Paignton & Dartmouth Railway of No.6023 King Edward ll in the striking blue livery introduced by British Railways after nationalization in 1948. The first advertised appearance on a service train is on 15th July but it has been in use already and interesting videos can be found on YouTube. The King class was the most powerful locomotive of the GWR and was designed to haul their heaviest expresses from Paddington to Plymouth, Cardiff and Birmingham. Unfortunately this locomotive is not as yet passed for running on the main lines. For more information go to http://www.6023.co.uk