I thought i would lighten the stress levels ahead of this week’s Flying Scotsman visit. So how long have you followed Dawlish Beach to what we do? Just how much of a fan are you?

Take our fun quiz and find out.


  1. What year did Dawlish Beach launch it’s first camera?
  2. How many cameras do we operate?
  3. What are the names of the cameras?
  4. How many subscription levels do we offer?
  5. What are the names of our main contributors?
  6. Which passenger railway companies operate on a daily basis past our cameras?
  7. Which is the most frequent steam tour to pass the cameras each year?
  8. What concrete model does our railway expert have in his garden?
  9. What was the name of our post on history and resilience that was published nationally and read at the Department for Transport?
  10. Which train did GWR invite us on for it’s official launch?

So before i reveal the answers and you can see how well you have done i need to fill a bit of space! Scroll down beneath the pictures to find the answers and see how well you have done.

60009 Union of South Africa passes Blenheim cam on the return run


  • Dawlish Beach was launched in 2014
  • We operate five cameras.
  • San remo, Blenheim, Mount Pleasant, Salty Cottage and our Mobile camera.
  • We have 4. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • Neil is the site owner and technical wizard, Simon, Social media, Colin, Railway expert, Nick, railway videos and photos and Michelle our Weather Girl.
  • GWR and Cross Country operate the main passenger services.
  • The Torbay Express operate the most frequent rail tour.
  • Colin has a concrete model of Flying Scotsman in his garden.
  • The Dawlish Myth was published nationally.
  • The Intercity Express Train class 802 was the train we were invited on.
  • So how did you do?

    0 – Washed up

    1-3 – Damp squall

    4-6 – Moderate but windy

    7-9 – Fine and sunny

    10 – Perfect day