When I started Dawlish Beach Cam (singular) in 2014, I never expected it to be more than one live camera with a few hundred people watching daily. As we install our eighth camera with 20,000 daily viewers, it’s time for some big changes to take place.

Dawlish Beach Cams will be changing to Coast Cams over the coming months, and with that, we will have a faster, more reliable website and higher-quality cameras.

Once the Coast Cams website is complete, subscriptions will not be renewable on the Dawlish Beach Cams website. You will need to move to the new website, which offers more features and runs much faster.

Our free cameras are already running on the new website, so if you want to look, please visit coastcams.com. Our new subscriptions will be available to purchase in September, and if you are a current subscriber, you can move over to the new website when the membership site is complete. This website will run until 2024.

We now have as many cameras outside of Dawlish as we do in Dawlish, so the name (Dawlish Beach Cams) will no longer be relevant as we install more cameras further afield.

I have big ambitions for 2024, and one is to install a camera monthly! Since 2014, on average, we’ve installed a camera a year, but this will change.

As we install the new cameras, they will be available for VIPs for the first month before being available for everyone else. Celestey and I will then make an adventure video of the area to coincide with the launch of that public camera. These videos will be like our Cornwall Adventure below.Uncovering the BEST Secret Spots and Things to do in Cornwall on a Campervan Road Trip!

In the coming weeks, we will have a Dawlish Beach Cams history video coming too, so please ensure you are a YouTube subscriber by clicking here.

We have just launched our Embankment Bistro Cam in Dartmouth for VIPs, and it will become available for everyone else at the end of September, along with our Dartmouth Special video.

Click here to watch the Embankment Bistro Cam on YouTube or our website.

If you have any suggestions for camera locations, please let us know in the comments below or email us at info@coastcams.com with a picture of the view.

Many thanks,
Beach Cams Man.