Embankment Bistro Camera Proposal

Csaba, Put your business in front of a TV size audience at no cost to you!

Sea Breeze Cam, Dawlish

Sea Breeze Cam in Dawlish had around 300,000 views per month.


Camera named after our host, Sea Breeze Cafe in Dawlish


300,000 monthly viewers on YouTube


4k Ultra HD Cameras


You can host the live stream on your own website


Worldwide audience


24/7 365 Live Streaming

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The Blenheim Dawlish

“My business will never be the same without the camera… it’s absolutely fantastic for what it’s done to my business, and I would recommend it to anyone”

Mitzy, Brunel Holiday Park

“Since having the camera for two years, it has made a massive difference. It’s really got us out there.”